The Truth They Didn’t Tell You About Self Love…

Let’s face it, loving yourself is the most incredible, blissful feeling in the world. Finally getting to the point where you’re happy with your looks, you’re processing into the shape you have been desiring, your mind is clear, and you are absolutely in love with yourself; is unlike any feeling that a person could ever describe! But there is a downside, and that downside is, how self love can effect your relationships with those around you…


It is not selfish to love yourself, in fact is a prerequisite to loving others. Oftentimes our family and friends grow accustomed to you being a particular “you”. The “you that they grew up with, the “you” that they raised, the “you” that always places others before themselves, the “you” that is always friendly etc.  Many find out on the journey of discovering and loving their true selves, that they are the exact opposite of the person that their loved ones, etc have come to love! The dilemma begins, and person begins to ask theirself: “Do i stay true to my loved ones” or do i stay true to my “Authentic Self”. Sometimes the answer to that question can cause difficulty in other relationships, that can cause you to question yourself. The best way to overcome these situations are with great communication, be honest about how you feel! Make sure that your needs are fulfilled! If your self love routine requires you to have 30 minutes out of your day to exercise or meditate, communicate that with your loved ones. Take care of your needs, after all, “you cant pour from an empty cup”

To fully experience life and the fullness of love that it has to offer, loving who you truly are is necessary. Loving yourself beyond your looks, beyond your clothes, beyond your job, beyond your title as a wife, mother, brother, daughter, sister, husband, is a part of knowing yourself at your core. Get to know and love yourself outside of what others may love you for. We all have flaws, some that we accept, and some that we are working to rid from ourselves, just know that loving yourself, as you are is one of the most pivotal steps you will take in your lifetime. It is one of the most important paths in this journey we call life. Attempting to speed past it, will only cause unwanted negative patterns in your life. You must deal with the roots of who you are. When you get to a point where you love and accept yourself as you are, and you do the daily work to cultivate that love, it places you into a new level of existence. Great things begin to happen to and for you!

Share your experiences of obstacles you have overcame during your journey of self love



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