what i eat in a day + my workout routine 2020

ive always been hesistant about showing what i eat or what i do to workout because i really believe EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT and EVERY DAY IS DIFFERENT! i remember when i struggled the most with food, i would BINGE watch these videos obsessing over how clean & “healthy” they were and thinking, if i ate or worked out the same way, I would look like them. The truth is, a lot of people I watched back then were also struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating. and i think the most important thing is to be transparent. I FEEL SO HAPPY in my body – it does a heck ton for me. I listen to my body now, I fuel my body. if im hungry, i eat. if im not, im no longer binging. its been almost a 3 year frustrating journey of me going back and forth between binging and starving my body & i truly do believe I have found a place where I consistently am eating sufficiently and listening to my cravings and challenging my old eating habits every day consciously. I love living my life now without a focus on food, IT IS FREEING!
I know hearing this might mean nothing to you, but YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. we are all so much more than a stupid number on the scale (there are factors like water, muscle mass, etc. that might change that number and it is NOT AT ALL an accurate measurement of your health). I havent weighed myself in over a year and I FEEL AMAZING. Please do not compare yourself or weigh yourself down to other girls on social media – a lot of it is NOT REAL. the most important advice i can give you is : fall in love with your body, challenge it to do all these amazing things, treat it well, fuel it, feel STRONG. being healthy will always ALWAYS outweigh being “skinny”. I love you guys please stay healthy and treat your bodies with love!


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I love you & thrive today💛🌙🌟
-Vanessa Nagoya


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