Ultimate Pilates 10 Minute Workout | Gym Is Cancelled But Your Fitness Is Not

This quick & super effective 10 minute Pilates home workout will strengthen and define your core and booty like never before. During a time when so many gyms and studios are closed, we turn to our mats at home to challenge the body in all the wonderful ways so that we don’t lose the fitness progress we’ve attainted so far this year. This pilates class for core and glutes is a class that you can do anywhere and anytime and it will leave your body and mind feeling incredible.

Using pilates toning exercises to sculpt and strengthen your core, hamstrings, glutes, and even calves will allow you to continue keep your body healthy and strong.

Add this pilates mat based no equipment workout to any of your other home workouts or turn to this boho beautiful pilates class whoever you need a little short break from the world.

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