Touring a Million Dollar Luxury Home In Texas

Me and a special guest Chastin J. Miles give you a Tour in this gorgeous home that has a Californian style vibe but here in Dallas, Texas. This home boasts Double iron doors, Double staircases, Double tour guides, and double EVERYTHING!

Starting off from the outside of this home it automatically grabs your eyes with its beautiful white stucco color and black Mediterranean roof. It has a 4 car garage that can fit all your exotic cars as well as of course, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe!

As you step on the porch two huge Iron doors stand in front of you and at that moment you have to make the decision to either open them, or hire someone to open them. They are heavy, luxurious, and BIG! (You better go to the gym because opening these doors isn’t for the weak).

After you open the double iron doors in front of you will be a beautiful grand entrance with a double staircase, a stunning chandelier, and a foyer that makes you feel welcomed.

As you begin walking through the foyer you slowly begin entering a new world with the dining room flashing in your face. I’m talking High ceilings, big windows, chandeliers, and a priceless view into the infinity pool.

Just wait until you see the Kitchen… Now Enough talking, watch the video and see for yourself!

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