The Dark Side Of Clean Eating – WARNING

To get in shape you need to eat clean. That’s what you always hear right? What they don’t tell you is the destructive nature this can have on mental and physical health. It’s the side of clean eating overlooked by most fitness professionals and nutrition “experts.”

In this video we go deep into the potential traps eating clean can have and how it can create an unhealthy relationship with food, make you miserable while missing out on the important things in life, and even lead to you getting fatter in the long run. Clean eating on it’s own has plenty of merit, but how you approach it mentally is critical.

Discover how there’s a better way by utilizing a flexible dieting approach that’s more sustainable for a lot of people which is what’s necessary to lose the weight and keep it off. If you struggle with yo yo dieting, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Let me hear your feedback in the comments. Have you had a similar experience? Has it been different for you? Let’s talk (keeping it open-minded and positive of course:)

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