TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR LIFE | Subliminal Affirmations & Relaxing Water Sounds

Take ownership of your life, feel in control, take responsibility and be laser focused on your goals with powerful subliminal affirmations and relaxing water sounds.

This is a subliminal session, which means you will not hear the affirmations spoken out loud. The affirmations are masked by the background sound, which allows them to bypass the conscious mind and instead be picked up by the subconscious. The subconscious mind is highly suggestible in most people, so it’s possible to create lasting changes in thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours simply by listening over time while performing other relaxing activities such as reading or studying, or even while sleeping.

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Listen to the track at a comfortable volume, with or without headphones. The subliminal does not need to be played loudly, but it does need to be audible. Avoid listening to other things simultaneously such as TV, music, or any medium where you can hear someone else talking or singing, as this can reduce the effectiveness of the subliminal. Try to put yourself into a positive and relaxed state of mind before listening. Take deep breaths, and keep well hydrated.

If you choose to listen while awake, it is best to do while relaxing or engaging in other passive activities such as reading or studying. You may also choose to listen while sleeping, either for the first 30 minutes of sleep or as you are drifting off to sleep, or by looping the video to listen throughout the night. You do not need to watch the screen to benefit from this recording.

Consistency is key. For best results, listen every day, preferably at the same time each day, for a minimum of 2-4 weeks. Once per day is sufficient. Results are highly individual, and some people begin to experience positive changes much sooner than others, but for full and long lasting results, it is recommended that you listen for 4-12 weeks.

Subliminal affirmations can cause drowsiness and inattention. Never listen while driving, operating machinery or engaging in other potentially dangerous activities which require your full attention.

This track is NOT a substitute for proper medical care or advice. It should always be viewed as a supplement to any medical or therapeutic treatment you are already receiving. If you are under the age of 18, please obtain permission from a parent or guardian before listening.

As with any complimentary therapy, results are highly individual and therefore cannot be guaranteed or predicted. For best results, listen as directed above.


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(both “I” and “You” versions are contained in the audio)

I am a strong minded, motivated person.
I am powerful, independent and strong.
I am in control of my actions and emotions.
I am in control of my life.
I know what I want out of life and how to get it.
I am laser focused on my goals.
I take full responsibility for my success.
Being successful is up to me.
I create my own success.
I seize every opportunity presented to me.
I see the potential in every situation.
My life has massive potential if I choose to accept it.
I choose to be successful in life.
I choose to live the life of my dreams.
My greatest good is coming to me now.
I have a definite plan for my life.
I stay laser focused on what I want.
I am taking charge right now.
I know my values and ethics and I stand firm on them.
I am committed and unwavering.
I have unlimited motivation and drive.
I cultivate an attitude of gratitude and positivity.
I am honest with myself.
I have integrity and I accept my own truth.
I embrace truth and integrity.
I embrace my own dignity and strength.
I am worthy and worth it.
I am capable.
I am enough.
I take ownership right now.


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