Step Aside, Covid-19! Space Diseases Could Threaten Life On Earth, Scientists Warn

Researchers have discovered that extraterrestrial germs are more dangerous than terrestrial ones, highlighting a new alien risk in our relationship with space.

While the world keeps battling the Covid-19 pandemic, scientists from the Universities of Aberdeen and Exeter have discovered that our mammalian bodies wouldn’t stand a chance against germs in outer space.

The paper details how the immune system of mammals would struggle to fight germs from other planets, as they are fundamentally different to what is found on Earth.

This is because the extraterrestrial germs’ amino acids – the building blocks to all life – could, and probably would, be totally different to those of creatures here on our own planet.

“We hypothesized that lifeforms that evolved in an environment of different amino acids might contain them in their structure,” said lead author of the study Dr Katja Schaefer, of the University of Exeter.

With the existence of liquid water in the universe, it is entirely possible that microbes have developed elsewhere off-planet.

To find out whether or not alien germs would pose a threat to mankind, the researchers tested how mammal immune cells fared when put into contact with amino acids that are rare on Earth but common in outer space.

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