Spirit guide meditation sleep story

A spirit guide meditation to help with direction in life. This guided meditation can be used at any time, especially for sleep.
To connect with your spirit guide is to enable a connection between you and the voice that you hear when you feel indecisive along your path.
Used as a sleep meditation, this session can help with relaxation and support a positive subconscious influence to attaining a connection with your spirit guide.
Everyone has an idea of what the voice is, it could be a spirit animal, a person you know or even your inner self.
Through immersing yourself completely in this guided meditation and with practice, you can make that link.

Hi, my name is Christian Thomas, the voice of meditation vacation. I write, record and edit everything you hear.
Through my own hard times in life I learned to embrace stories like these and the practice of meditation.

Every time you listen, the connection will become stronger, through visualisation and inner self awareness you will meet your spirit guide.

This audio can also be found on my app or through the meditation vacation website.


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