San Francisco MEGA Mansion Inside a $20 MILLION DOLLAR Masterpiece – Luxury Real Estate

You’ve just seen a San Francisco Mega Mansion toured by a real estate agent in the HOT San Francisco Real Estate.
This channel is called Luxury Real Estate and here you will see real estate videos about some amazing properties. Everyday we will travel to all your favorite locations from Bel Air, Los Angeles to Palm Beach County in Florida. Besides videos about Real Estate in the USA we will also travel to some popular spots around the world. The videos will be shown as ‘Most amazing top 10 videos’ or sometimes we will entitle a property to one video because it just needs longer to really see and investigate the ‘Mega Mansions’. You will see the videos like you would see them in your favorite Netflix series; ‘Selling Sunset’ or ‘Most Amazing Beach Houses Around The World.’ Some videos will include a real estate agent touring the most amazing mansions in real estate marketing.

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