Mt. Vernon hemp farm utilizing one-of-a-kind machine to help themselves, other farmers

MT. VERNON, Mo. — Growing hemp in Missouri is now legal.

There is a farm outside of Mt. Vernon that is farming and harvesting its hemp and it has a one-of-a-kind machine that’s helping them and other farmers growing hemp in the area.

Kyler Brown, co-owner of Elder Farms, says for many farmers, harvesting hemp is very labor intensive and time consuming.

“And what we are doing here today is we are running our hemp harvesting machine for bio mass, so all of this is going to be extracted into CBD oil,” Brown said.

But with this machine it saves them a lot of time and basically skips certain steps, like having to manually cut every singe plant, chop off the branches and hang dry the plants and risk losing their crop to mold. At Elder Farms, they put the hemp through a specialized freeze drying process.

“What that will do is instead of dealing with, you know, a couple weeks to up to a month of hang drying, remove all the moisture contents within about 12 hours so it dramatically speeds up the entire process,” Brown said.

Even with the machine speeding up the process and stripping the plants from the stem, there is still a lot of work left to do, like manually stripping any remaining leaves from the stems.



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