Lord Jamar: Our Melanin Has Something to Do w/ Our Strengths – On January 16, 1988, CBS sports commentator Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder was fired from the station after making remarks regarding Black athletes. During the broadcast he stated that African-American athletes are products of slaves being bred by their owners, which is a documented fact that Lord Jamar also speaks on in his latest clip. “We’re strong because we’re the original people of the planet Earth, and this melanin has something to do with our strengths,” he adds.

During our sit-down Lord Jamar spoke on the police and the White man’s supposed fear of Black men, and how their fear results in the brutality of thousands of African-Americans in America, past and present. “They’re hoping that we’re gonna take the examples of the past and first start marching, and then riots, and then they’re gonna want some sort of organization like the [Black] Panthers to spring up so that they can say ‘Ah, domestic terrorism!'” he believes. With his belief that “Black people are the seed planters of all cultures,” Lord Jamar says “if we were fearful to share our knowledge with other cultures and peoples, motherf****** wouldn’t be nowhere right now…Africa would be the s***, and everybody else would be f***** up.”

Hear his thoughts on present-day concentration camps and listen as he explains how the government has “done such a good job on our generation as far as making us oblivious to a lot of political s***” above.


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