Laser skin rejuvenation

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Treating Ethnic and Darker skin types requires precision, experience and the correct lasers. This is one of the hardest aspects of aesthetic dermatology as I skate a fine line between effective treatments and post inflammatory skin darkening.
Fraxel laser was invented over a decade ago, it still provides good skin rejuvenation, however I think Clear and Brilliant is a safer treatment.
The absolute pinnacle of laser skin rejuvenation is with the Picosure or Picosecond laser. These lasers are very effective in providing collagen remodelling, wrinkle removal and pigmentation reduction in ethnic skin types, as the target is melanin. They work best in this population of patients. Pico lasers in fractional setting, IMO are at the forefront of laser skin rejuvenation. Due to the complexity of pico fractional laser resurfacing, I perform the treatments myself.
Lasers only form one aspect of skin rejuvenation in Ethnic Skin, many more video to come on RF, HIFU including Thermage, Ultherapy Fillers, Botox, and PRP energy based micro needling to come.
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Dr Davin Lim. Laser and Aesthetic dermatologist. Brisbane. Australia.


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