Josh Bridges 2021 CrossFit Open Prep + Dave Castro Gets Called Out | Paying the Man Ep.083

The CrossFit season is just around the corner so I show you how I am preparing for the 2021 CrossFit Open. I also call out Dave Castro, to get him and I in a ring, for a boxing match.

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Filmed and Edited by Chad Redongo
Instagram | @chadillac_2

Intro/Outro by Nick Loera
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Today’s workout:
14 Minute AMRAP
3 Rounds
50ft. Handstand Walk(25ft. Increments)
3 Power Cleans @135
3 Rounds
50ft. Handstand Walk
6 Power Cleans @185
3 Rounds
50ft. Handstand Walk
9 Power Cleans @225

Music pulled from Epidemic Sound and Artlist
//Shame – Sebastian Forslund (Intro)
Bright Red Lights – Coma Svensson


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