Is the Natural Hair Movement Coming to an End?

Is the natural hair “movement”, and natural hair care coming to an end? First let’s determine the definition of the natural hair movement.

Natural Hair Movement: a movement that encourages Black women and men to embrace their natural Afro-textured hair rather than chemically straightening their hair. This particular movement increased exponentially between the years 2008–2014.

The question is, is the movement coming to an end? The answer is absolutely NOT! However the “wearing of one’s natural hair” is bigger than a movement, it is a way of life, a form of expression, a form of resistance for others, and to many it is a people just being “themselves”, and following a natural hair care regimen. Just like people brush their teeth, and have skincare routines, hair care routines are becoming bigger than ever.

What has ended is a woman having to be stuck in the box when it comes to her hair. Many women are finding that spending the extra money on the proper products that nourish growth and density of the hair, and maintaining proper upkeep of their hair are finding that their hair is growing like wildfire! There is evidence of this all over the place. Others are realizing that protective styles are a great option for them to wear primarily due to their fitness regimen, schedule etc. Women are doing what works for them to make their lives happier and better. Like you invest in everything else in life, it is also essential to invest in the nurturing and growth of your hair internally and externally with natural hair care products.

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Yes, many of us love to experiment with fun wigs and weaves, they are a lot of “fun”. They give you the opportunity to decorate yourself and express yourself through the wearing of a particular style. Again they are a lot of fun, But at the end of the day, “fun” is all that they are. A person will still have to face their natural hair when the wigs, and weaves, come off. You want your hair and skin to be in the best state possible. In this world today, things are very strange, if there were ever a shortage of availability on those additions we all love, you want to make sure that you are naturally prepared and still look great without those things. It’s good to let our faces and hair breathe without makeup, extensions, etc. Even if that is only for a few days at a time for some. It is healthy on multiple levels.

Youtube has become a great resource to learn how to properly maintain your natural hair. Women that have created results using specific regimens are now sharing their results and regimens with the world. It is definitely helpful in terms of education and keeping the movement going.

We recommend that you keep your hair regularly washed and conditioned with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to encourage growth. We recommend a brand that is comprised of hemp and amino acids and complex vitamins. It smells great and leaves your hair soft and hydrated. Click here to order

We recommend that you follow up with the deep hydration mask, it is absolutely incredible, and essential for your hair growth and natural hair care journey. You won’t go wrong with this brand. They also provide a 60-day empty bottle money-back guarantee just in case!

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So do what makes you happy! Just Make sure you take care of your natural hair while you’re doing it! Your hair is a way that you can express, YOURSELF to the world! Your hair is an extension of you, take care of it to the best of your ability!

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