I have been inspired to write a piece about beauty and what it is perceived to be. I have grown up around many people who tend to judge others based on their physical features. I also know what it feels like to be judged because of my appearance. Growing up in my generation (90’s babies) is not an easy thing and I am sure many other generations feel the same. Growing up, in general, is not easy. The issue I have noticed immensely with my generation is the overbearing, delusional, over-represented idea of what the media, and everyone else, believes what can and cannot be considered beautiful in our world. I tend to eavesdrop on conversations when I am alone in a public place because I am always fascinated with the conversations people are having on a daily basis. Sometimes, what I hear sickens me. It appalls me to the point that I am now here writing to attempt and express the horrible belief that people have accepted only a small amount of physical qualities to be deemed as suitable for society’s standards.

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As stated before, when I am sitting by myself in a public place I tend to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. I do not mean to be rude, but if I am sitting somewhere quietly studying and there is a loud conversation going on next to me, it is difficult not to pick up on what is being discussed. Through my eavesdropping escapades, there are various topics I have heard more than once. One of the most common topics I hear, especially with teenagers, is the amount of “likes” someone has got on their photos that they upload onto social media. The first time I ever heard this topic being discussed the sentence from the speaker went just like this,

“Oh my God, she has had their photo up for two hours, and she has only gotten three likes on it.”

It is as if people can judge the worth of somebody’s appearance just from a number of likesthey have received. How is it okay to put a person down just because their picture on Instagram or Facebook does not have the proper amount of likes to be considered a beautiful person? Has our world really come to this type of social judicial system?


The other topic I pick up on frequently is one that the social media generation has called “creeping.” Creeping consists of looking at someone’s social media page and going through their photos that they have uploaded and checking out their status updates to see what they are up to. It is basically a way to get into someone else’s life without them even realizing it. Now, the concept of creeping itself is not harmful to anyone. It is the reality of what comes with creeping that begins to turn the gears of judgement in a negative direction. When I have listened to people “creep” others, they tend to say some vulgar things about the person’s appearance. People click through the hundreds of photos someone has uploaded and nit-pick their appearance for what they think is ugly. “Creepers” will think of absolutely anything to say about whoever’s photos they are looking at. From a person’s hair to their facial features, to their body size, all the way down to a somebody’s two feet and toes. I have heard these types of sentences many times:

“That is such an ugly picture, why would she upload that?”

“Her hair looks really bad in this photo.”

“Why wouldn’t she put a filter on this?”

“Look at how much she photo shopped her picture.”

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