Estate Home Speed Build (PART 2) 💕 Roblox Adopt Me!

♡join my discord server! – https://discord.gg/xuQ6MQm

♡house used: estate home

♡total spent: $2344

♡social media & info
twitter – https://twitter.com/ArisuYT
tik tok – https://www.tiktok.com/@arisu_yt
instagram – @arisu_yt
roblox profile – https://www.roblox.com/users/1597498120/profile
roblox group – https://www.roblox.com/groups/6095754/Arisu-Squad
roblox merch – https://www.roblox.com/groups/6095754/Arisu-Squad#!/store
discord server – https://discord.gg/eW6DfVn
spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2fqhcexFQaMQKuTmfvIyjR?si=qu_qvxi7Q8Ccv_tppvTZqg

0:00 – kavv – beach night
1:25 – fcj w/ alys – i know
4:07 – esthie w/ emperose – walking on clouds
6:33 – powfy – i can’t sleep
9:02 – hyeminsong – ellinia
11:12 – fcj w/ alys – i know

♡disclaimer: all creations are designed by me unless stated otherwise💕
♡inspiratons: inspired by a pinterest pic for the 2nd bedroom!


♡questions & answers

Q: can you help build my home?
A: sorry i can’t currently, i’ve been busy making youtube videos and grinding for money to use towards my next videos. as much as i would love to help you all, it wouldn’t be fair if i chose specific people over others, i hope you guys understand! ❤️

Q: can i add you?
A: currently i’m not accepting friends request because there’s a limit to the list and it wouldn’t be fair to add certain people over others! also when i’m filming i don’t want the possibility of people teleporting to me constantly, hope you all understand❤️

Q: can i copy your build?
A: of course you can, that’s what i make these videos for! just make sure you give credit when asked💖 it’s important to not claim things as your own because we should always appreciate the hard work people put into creating stuff!

Q: why did you start a channel?
A: i started a channel because people kept coming into my apartment asking me to help them decorate their house. after helping a few people out, i felt like i didn’t have time for myself, so i decided to make videos to help people out instead!

Q: how do you come up with ideas?
A: i grew up playing a lot of decorating games and i used to watch a lot of interior design shows on tv, so i have experience from that. if i am stuck on not knowing what to do, i look at inspiration pictures of real places on pinterest!

Q: how did you get into adopt me?
A: funny thing is adopt me isn’t my type of game, i started playing roblox as a meme to play arsenal because my friends and i love fps games. one day i was bored and wanted to check out the most popular game, so i played adopt me. i didn’t understand the game at first and didn’t like the pet aspect of it, so i quit. a few weeks later i played it again during the 2x spring event with my cousin and when i saw her house, i instantly wanted to decorate one. i then saved up to buy a luxury apartment and had so much fun decorating my first room. i’ve always thought roblox was a kids game so i didn’t take it seriously and now here i am playing it all the time and making videos, who would’ve thought!

Q: what games do you play besides adopt me?
A: outside of roblox i currently play overwatch, valorant beta, modern warfare, and stardew valley, within roblox i play epic mini games, tower defense simulator and arsenal

Q: what do you use to edit and record your videos?
A: currently i use movavi 2020 to edit and OBS to record, for my intro and outro i used the website canva!

Q: why is your name Arisu on youtube?
A: Arisu is Alice in japanese!



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