Dark Skin Is Not A Flaw: How Colorism Has Impacted The Globe

We are approaching the year 2021, yet on planet Earth, dark skin is seen as a flaw globally.  Colorism is a disease that has plagued societies for centuries. Who created this false dichotomy of light skin tone superiority, and hierarchy? Why was dark skin deemed as a “blemish” amongst cultures around the globe? Why is this flawed mindset where dark-skinned people are instantly judged as unattractive, poor, and “undesirable” still being perpetuated? Can the effects of centuries of white supremacy be reversed?

Its time that we recognize that this deeply rooted prejudice we call colorism, is a sickness. It is a mental illness. This thwarted perception of light skin superiority has created a multi-billion dollar a year skin modification industry. The mindset of light skin reverence and praise was imbedded and has been continuously programmed into the minds of humans, through various means, for hundreds of years. The horrors of slavery exacerbated the issue. Slavery, the unlawful, inhumane treatment of african-americans, and the willie lynch syndrome that was indoctrinated into the minds of slaves segwayed into many developing a hatred for their own kind that still lingers today. That residue, lack of opportunity, and hatred from slavery evolved into hatred for “your own kind”, which has resulted in thousands and thousands of senseless deaths in the African American community.

The stigma of color discrimination has caused astounding mental and emotional effects on those that deal with unfair treatment DAILY simply because they were born with darker pigments in the membranes which clothe their bodies. Anxiety, low self-worth, paranoia, and PTSD are just the beginning of mental health disorders experienced by many because of colorism. This is experienced by Indians, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc.  Darker complected individuals often face more criticism, receive fewer opportunities, are constantly judged and “lumped in a box”, face economic discrimination, are constantly made to feel “inferior” and “less worthy” than their lighter counterparts. These experiences unfortunately only scratch the surface.

In many countries around the world, marriage rates amongst darker-skinned women are lower than their lighter counterparts. Which has caused increased rates of single women of darker hues. Ultimately this affects birth rates, lineage, generational wealth, etc. This is highly prevalent in locations such as India and Asia. Many athletes and entertainers often choose only light complected mates, as a symbol of false hierarchy, causing even more of a divide. The media perpetuated this ideology, and the world followed. Leaving many dark-complected women to feel as if they are being erased and silenced.

How did the media successfully exemplify the delusion of white or light superiority? By only depicting white/or light skinned women as soft, feminine, and beautiful. Dark complected women have lacked proper representation in the media as a whole. When there is representation, they are often given fewer roles, with less pay; All while being depicted as unattractive, loud, and harsh. You may notice this pattern the next time you turn on the tv or watch a movie, it’s quite blatant.

The programmed obsession of lightness will soon come to an end. Those outdated ideologies must be replaced with new ways of thinking on a massive scale. All skin tones are beautiful! Many dark-complected individuals are transmuting the shame, stigma, and hurt, that society has given them, and they’re turning it into power! Instead of waiting on the world, and continuing to be denied opportunities based on their complexion, they are creating their own opportunities!  Instead of continuing to believe the lies that their dark, ugly, and destined for poverty, they are waking up to the truth of their beauty, and turning it into a weapon to create more wealth and success!

We are in a new ever changing world, where people are beginning to snap out from the societal hypnosis and recognize that humanity is beautiful in every color, shape, and size. The more that we raise our collective consciousness and perspectives, the faster a color friendly world can emerge. The more YOUR mind changes, the more our entire world will change. Change begins in the minds and hearts of us all, change begins with YOU.

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