Connect to HIGHER SELF Guided Meditation | Hypnosis for Meeting your Higher Self

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In this Guided Meditation/Hypnosis you will get to meet/Connect with your Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the REAL YOU, beyond the many lives we live in the world of matter. It can be a difficult thing to contemplate as it must be experienced subjectively rather than something that can be understood intellectually.

We try to give you the tools to connect with your Higher Self, so you can go within and discover what you have always known!

Once you connect to the Higher Self some of the benefits are said to include:

– Higher Sense of Intuition
– Discover your soul/life purpose
– Answers become easily revealed
– Take control of your own life
– Discover your abilities to heal
– Discover unconditional love for all
– Out with the negative
– Honesty and Truth
– Inner and outer abundance
– Aware that you are in the world but not of it
– Ultimate gratitude

We hope you enjoy this meditation!

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Connect to Higher Self Guided Meditation | Hypnosis for Meeting your Higher Self

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