Afraid of the Virus? Discover What You Need To Boost Your Immune System To The Highest Level

As we all know, there are various viruses in our world, one, in particular, that has caused the entire earth to stand still. However, the truth is, there are innumerable viruses plaguing our planet, and many are constantly mutating and becoming stronger and harder to fight; leaving doctors and other medical professionals, stunned. Be aware, there are NUMEROUS other viruses that will come to the light, so its a must that you turn your body into a super machine that can withstand and fight! The question everyone is asking is, “What should I do?”, “What do I take to boost my immune system/”, “How do I protect myself” from outside toxins that wreak havoc on the body, ultimately leading to illness, viruses, and diseases of all types. Understand that getting your body’s immunity to an optimal level is no longer an option, it is a necessity. This is how you protect yourself from the dreaded “monster virus” as well as other viruses.  Maintaining the proper pH level for your body as an aid to shield and protect your body, is no longer science fiction, it is science fact. Maintaining the proper oxygen balance for your body is also crucial to your overall health and staying safe. When you build up your immune system, you can decrease your chances of susceptibility to all sorts of infections, diseases, etc.

Have you ever heard of those magical people that never get sick(rarely if ever), or people that go for months, or even years without having a cold or stuffy nose? This is an actual reality, that many people are experiencing, due to aking the proper supplements, eating clean, and keeping their body in an optimal state, EVERY day. Millionaires and Billionaires spend thousands of dollars per MONTH investing in the care of their bodies. Your body is both your temple and your vehicle! In this crazy world, it’s a must that we keep our bodies in tip-top shape. If a person is not going to commit to a regular exercise routine, taking the proper supplements and eating the proper diet is non-negotiable, especially in our current pandemic.

Below are a few of our favorite tips for keeping your immune system High, packing your body’s defense system with heavy artillery, to protect from any harm that may come in its path (i.e. pathogens, viruses, bacteria, biological weapons, etc).

Tip # 1.) You Must Keep Your Body Purified 

Drinking water is a must. Not just any water, you want water that has been purified and does not contain heavy metals and other contaminants. Preferably alkaline water when available. Those who drink a lot of water know that “all water does NOT taste the same, and is not the same”. So you want to drink room temperature water with a light, refreshing taste, that is properly filtered and pH balanced. Adding lemon is a great benefit at times. Water is necessary to hydrate your body and flush out harmful toxins. During the pandemic, as well as the summer months, it is imperative to consume adequate amounts of water.

Read more about the secret health benefits of drinking lemon water.

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In addition to drinking water, it is also a very good idea to drink a good detox tea that flushes your organs and helps to replenish and purify the body on a cellular level. This can assist in removing dangers in the body at the root cause and help to prevent new invaders from invading. You may also notice weight loss, skin improvements, increased energy, etc during a detoxing process. The process may start out rough, but you must stick to it to get the necessary results. Not all detox teas are the same, some are more gentle or harsh than others. You want to avoid harsh detox teas that produce a laxative effect that can lead to diarrhea. There are various types available. Hundreds of thousands of users have received incredible results with this particular formula that is both mild but highly effective. We highly advise you to check out this particular detox tea 

Tip # 2.) Flood Your Body With The Proper Superfoods

Consuming superfoods is absolutely vital to immune-boosting optimal health! You can consume superfoods in various ways: raw, in a capsule, in herb form, as a fruit/vegetable, seasoning, additions in your smoothies, tinctures, etc. Some of our favorite raw superfood super fighters are turmeric, garlic, and ginger. You can boil those items in the form of a tea, eat them, or blend in your smoothies. They work well for various conditions.

One of the fastest, most convenient ways to incorporate superfoods into your body is in a spray adaptogenic form! There is a company that developed sprays that contain superfoods like deer antler velvet, acai, noni powder, goji berry powder, coral calcium, chlorella, chlorophyll, etc, in super adaptogen formulas. A fancy word for saying “herbs that support a body’s natural ability to deal with “stress”. The peak and shield formulas, are often taken in unison for the best results in immune-boosting and maintaining proper pH levels in the body. Yes, they are also safe for children, just spray and go, or take them with you on the go! To view, the sprays click here.

Tip #3.) Take Herbal Baths To Keep Your Body Cleansed and Pure

Baths or frequent showers are very helpful to keep your body free of harmful pollutants. Many people have been casually drifting into the public, often, during the pandemic; which has unfortunately aided in the increased rise in confirmed cases. When in the public, your skin gets exposed to all types of bacteria and pathogens. Remember the skin is the largest organ in the body, it is a must that you keep it properly cleaned and protected.

Tip #4.) Take High Doses of Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. It can reduce the risk of chronic disease, helps prevent iron deficiency, boost immunity, helps to manage blood pressure, etc. An analysis from 15 different studies found that consuming vitamin C from foods vs. supplements were linked to a lower risk of heart disease. So it is very important to get your Vitamin C from natural forms like citrus fruits, guava, grapefruit, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, etc when available.

Tip #5.) Consume High Doses of CBD Oil

Did you know that CBD is actually being studied as a potential prevention and/or treatment for the most horrible virus to hit our world? We certainly are not making medical claims, however, this current research that is taking place is a reality, and is startling to say the least. Check here  and verify for yourself from one of the most notable sources of our time.

Articles are flooding the internet about the plethora of benefits from taking CBD sublingually (by mouth), daily. This is no surprise, as CBD happens to be naturally anti-viral, it’s completely natural, grown and derived from the earth, is non- psychoactive (does not provide a high), and is safe for kids to use as well. Just be aware that not all CBD is created equal. Some varieties actually contain very little CBD at all, making it virtually ineffective. Others have been diluted and watered down with other oils and liquids which decrease the potency, making it again ineffective. Always verify that the CBD company you are purchasing from, has lab results. Make sure that your CBD Oil, is also CO2 extracted. If this criteria is not met, do not buy it, as there is no way to prove exactly what you are ingesting. There are soo many benefits, but we will let you do that research on your own. CBD is being touted as a “miracle in a bottle” for various reasons. For the best of the best, we recommend the full-spectrum CBD oils here.  The broad-spectrum formulas are great as well for those that cant consume any level of thc. These products are backed with the US Hemp Authority stamp of approval for safety.

Purchase The Highest Quality CBD Products Here

Tip #6.) Always Keep Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Wipes Handy

Keeping our hands clean is vital to staying healthy. Using hand sanitizer and Antibacterial wipes certainly help to keep the germs away!

Tip #7.) Keep Your Nose and Ears Cleaned with Hydrogen Peroxide

Clean your nose and ears with q-tips and hydrogen peroxide often, especially after venturing into public places. This is an awesome trick that the whole family can use!


Last but not least, GET SUNLIGHT! “Making people phobic about being outdoors in the sun is just so counter to our evolutionary basis — it just doesn’t make sense,” says James O’Keefe, MD, a cardiologist at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City who has studied the interactions between sunlight and human health. He says human beings evolved to live outdoors — “We’re not moles,” he says — and that our absence of hair or fur suggests that our skin is meant to encounter some direct sun exposure. “I think there are a lot of potential mechanisms by which sunlight could benefit health,” O’Keefe says that sun-exposed skin releases large amounts of nitric oxide into the bloodstream. “Nitric oxide keeps vessels soft and supple, and it gives them a Teflon-like surface so that platelets don’t stick,” he says.

It is a fact that Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, which means the human body needs it, but in most cases, is unable to make it. High melanin levels inhibit the production of Vitamin D in the skin. While some foods contain vitamin D, people have traditionally obtained most of their vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D supports immune-boosting as well

Get your Vitamin D. Make sure you are getting enough sunshine, fresh air, and nature!

At the rate this planet is going, unfortunately, super viruses and pathogens may become a new norm until the earth cleanses herself to her liking. It is in our best interest to protect ourselves as much as we possibly can. It doesn’t help that there are “powers that be” at work, that may be using chemical and biological warfare against our bodies as well, for population control and other adverse ulterior motives. With that being said, it’s imperative to protect yourself and those you love at the highest levels for your survival. Boost your immune system now! We hear the bad news daily that people are dying all over the world. We want to help as much as possible to lower those numbers. Get healthy, and spread the information with others! Just by sharing, you just may be saving someone’s life. Stay Safe readers.

We are not stating that any of the recommended products prevent or cure any diseases. Please read the particular guidelines on the websites of all the mentioned products.

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