A Luxury Tokyo Hotel Room | Rain, Wind and Thunder sounds For Sleeping | 4K | 8Hrs

Spend the night in a luxury Tokyo Hotel Room, with a beautiful view of Tokyo and the Tokyo Tower. And again, sleeping in this super luxurious hotel won’t cost you a thing, other than internet bandwidth of course! I may have gone a little ‘Akira’ with the neon signs outside the windows, but I thought they looked nice with the rain on the window etc, so I left them in there. Sleep to the sounds of torrential rain and thunder, I made sure the windows and doors are closed and the floor is not ‘wet’ 😉 With some splashing sounds outside the window to go with the heavy rain. With high quality 48Khz audio, and 4K visuals to get a great view of Tokyo in Japan? I have put some lights animating on the buildings in the background, I had trouble finding exactly what the buildings are, so please let me know in the comments if you know of any other iconic buildings in this scene, the only one I’m sure of the Tokyo Tower.

The image of Tokyo is from iStock, the rest of the scene was made in Unreal Engine.

The audio was edited using Reaper out of may different sounds to create a sense of space to the rain. The audio loop in this video runs for 30 minutes, the video loop is 3 minutes

Sleep well & Stay Safe

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