8 Hours of Birds Singing on the Lakeshore and Water Sounds – Relaxing Nature Sounds – Mount Shuksan

Find your absolutely beautiful and serene place and listen to nature sounds, birds signing and relaxing water sounds with breathtaking views of Mount Shuksan. It’s 8-hour 4k video of discovery and peace. Download it for your personal use and transform your 4K TV into a source of relaxation and restoration at


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You will be taken on a 4K awesome adventure! Mount Shuksan is a glaciated massif and the most photographed peak located in North Cascades National Park in Washington. The word “Shuksan” means “high peak” in Native American. It’s a 4,411 feet high mountain which is very popular among climbers and hikers.
Listen to calm birds singing enjoying stunning views of a mountain peak, vast forest, amazing sceneries of the Picture Lake in 4K Ultra HD. It’s unbelievable! Marvel at captivating reflections of the mountains and forest in it. It’s a perfect combination of the Picture Lake and the Mount Shuksan.
Use this 4K video as striking video walls for any public place: any waiting room, relax room, lobby, spa center, airport, public transport, restaurant, office, shopping center, gym, hotel, lounge, dental clinic, picture gallery, library, supermarket and more.
Downloan this 4K footage at


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